Traumatizing Events Bring Nations Together

9/11 was a very traumatizing experience for the whole nation, but especially so, for the ones who had lost loved ones. They had to come face to face with the death of their father, aunt, uncle, mother, sibling, or child. In the article In Love With Death, a woman named Anne Mulderry had explained what the biggest struggle of the whole event was.  She had said, “How to resist to fall in love with death was the question. Depression and despair is one way of falling in love with death. Violence and aggression is another way.” I had never really thought about death in that way. To me I always thought to get back to reality with them not around was the hardest part. But the way she described it I think is the perfect explanation of what many felt on this day. She described anger, sadness, and pain. It truly shows how hard it was for them to actually let what happened during this day actually sink in. Every American there, no matter the skin color, they all dealt with the same pain and terror.

To show a tribute to those lost ones they had flashed these lights in the sky.  As hard as it was for them I believe every tribute there are for them helps the families grieve a little better. And it was amazing how everyone came together to help each other.

The thing that amazed me the most was the effort people put in to save the lives of others. In the end of the article, it tells you how these three people who were on the 89th floor who were going up and down 14 floors to help get as many people out of there. And apparently they never left the building, but they helped guide people out the building to save them. They risked their own lives to save others. Which is quite extraordinary to hear. It’s remarkable that people were selfless in a situation like this. At moments like this people aren’t thinking about race or your ethnic group they think of everyone equally. It’s quite fascinating because it shows us that we can all get along no matter the differences. All the people who died were all human, so why do we have to have a bad experience to be able to come together as one?

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