First Resource Evaluation


Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention is an autobiography that talks about his life in general,  but in each chapter, it talks about a certain period of time in his life. Each chapter is labeled based on the time period, and what Malcolm was doing at the time. I believe this book will help my paper because it shows what his life was before the Islam nation, as well as, after being in the Islam nation. Which is a great start because seeing how he was before the islam nation and then after gives a good look on how he changed, and then how the Islam nation’s view may or may not have changed throughout the years.

I also found a website encyclopedia that talks about Malcolm as well. It primarily talks about him leaving the NOI, as well as, him encountering with Martin Luther King Jr. It says how he respected Martin as a “fellow leader of our people” but he did not approach things the same way Martin did. Occasionally Malcolm would criticize Martin publicly. It also shows how Malcolm wanted groups to unite together to make more of an impact, but because they approached things differently they never exactly united together.

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  1. Ashley a solid first source but we needed to have two sources in here and I like how you put a narrative on how it will be helpful with your project. I think it could be good to include specific details and quotes that might be helpful so you can be specific in terms of what you took from the source. Let’s meet together and work on a second one to add to this one and post the second source.


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