Second Resource Evaluation

Blood Brothers by Randy Roberts is a book that is about “the fatal friendship between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X”.  This book is good for my research paper because it not only shows their relationship, but it shows what the people in the NOI thought of Malcolm. While I was reading the book I saw that many many people perceived Malcolm as a threat. Not because he was violent, but because he started to get a lot of press and was becoming a very known public speaker.  On pg. 62 it talks about how some of Muhammad’s cabinet feared what Malcolm would do if Elijah Muhammad died. It also shows how Malcolm’s views also began to change more when he got involved in politics.

Another source I found was an article from NY Times titled, “Malcolm X is Assassinated by Black Muslims”.  I believe this article will help me with my paper because it shows how some of the people in the NOI changed their views of Malcolm. At one point he was highly looked upon by the Black Muslims but because Malcolm began to grow apart from the group they didn’t like him or his new views. Malcolm believed the NOI could do so much more and Elijah Muhammad didn’t agree with Malcolm wanted for the NOI. “Malcolm clashed with Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the organization, over the direction of the nation among other issues.”


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